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Cláudia Oliveira

Claudia oliveira

Cláudia Oliveira, 31 years old. Born in Espinho, I like to think that I belong to all the places I've been, to the place where I am and to so many others where I will go. 

Since I was little, I have been passionate about the performing arts, such as theater and dance, but I have also always felt that communication and writing were where I fit in and where I was happy.
Therefore, I graduated in Communication Sciences from the University of Algarve and worked in various aspects of the area, as a freelance journalist (Jornal O Sambrasense), radio intern (TSF), production assistant, press consultancy, internal and business communication (DeVIR/CAPa), producer of audiovisual and multimedia content for various freelance projects, copywriter and designer.

Furthermore, I wrote and published a book, "Apocalypse of Memories" which you can find for salehere, just as I wrote a children's book, which I only edited a single copy of, but which I hope to bring to the public soon.


I also have a degree in Yoga, from the Lusófona College in Lisbon and this was a training that led me to discover an interest in our body, the way we move it and how these movements can be channeled to make us feel good on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

That's why I started to become more and more interested and study the body, body movements and consequently sensual dance and the way in which we can use it to be in contact with our Divine Energy and our sensuality.


In 2022, I created my workshopDivine Queens, a space where I have the opportunity to help women explore their femininity and where the expression of the sensuality and divine energy that resides in each woman is encouraged.

This year, I want to bring classes to more women, so that we can all explore our sensuality and feminine energy to the fullest.


I'm vegan, I really like traveling and seeing new places, being in places for the first time  absorbing landscapes I've never seen before; I like drinking coffee in the backyard while sunbathing or a cocktail in the late afternoon on a terrace, on the beach.

I love reading, listening to music, tattoos, dancing, going to concerts, spending an afternoon watching true-crime series. I like my dog.


I am many things to be able to write myself completely, but I like to think that my life and my work are a celebration of creativity, the connection with the body and mind, and the search for what is good for us.

Access here to my work portfolio


  • Divine Queens Course

  • Individual classes | Online | In-person

  • Shows | Video clips | Ads (bailarina/model)

  • Social media management

  • Production of multimedia and audiovisual content

  • Copyright

  • Show production | music videos | events

  • Company consultancy

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