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Welcome to my page. 

Here you can find all the information about me, as well as my work portfolio and a place where you can find all the offers and information regarding partnerships, work or purchasing articles and signing up for the course or workshops. 

I believe that I don't define myself by what I do to earn money, by the courses I took, the training I did, nor by the body I wear or the way I like to present myself to the world (which today is one, tomorrow it could be another). I define myself as being a spiritual being on a brief and intense journey across Earth. And that is my purpose: to enjoy everything I do, to do a lot of what I like and to live, learn and adapt.

Woman, activist, anti-racist, vegan (who believes and tries to be as socially and environmentally conscious as possible), talkative, dreamer and fan of tattoos.

Faithful believer in the premise that António Variações should be heard every day.


The Vegan Cashier

Workshops de dança


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