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On this page you will find the vast majority of the work I have done and projects I have participated in, in recent years (online and otherwise) as well as a complete portfolio with images and video for consultation.

If you want to hire me for any of these services, you should send a message using the form at the bottom of the page or contact me viaemail.

The works are divided into categories, where you can find in more detail which projects I participated in with information about them and links to access them.

It also contains information about my project Divine Queens and my book, "Apocalypse of Memories".

Check my portfolio here

Apocalypse of memories

claudia (5) centro_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Apocalypse of Memories is my first book, written and published in 2016.
It is a set of short stories and poems that talk about life, loves and dislikes, pains and joys of various selves. It is a diary of a dreamer, who found in writing and characters a way to express herself, discover and share her poetry with the world.
Although these are not my stories, they are stories that contain a lot of me, my dreams, fears, certainties and doubts.
It is a simple, light and very intuitive book to read.

In e-book format.

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